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In pavement construction or mining operations, there are often situations in which the bucket does not give force and the breaker is oversized. What should I do? At this time, the experienced old driver will switch to the loose soil mode.

Usually in this situation, the excavator will install a ripper, then what is a ripper? What role does he have? The following small series one by one for you...

The ripper is also called the bucket hook and the tail hook. It consists of the main board, the ear plate, the back plate, the reinforcement plate, the tooth and other components. It is shaped like a crescent moon and has strong stability. It is easier to break the frozen soil and asphalt road. Weathered fossils, hard soils, etc. have high working efficiency.

Common ripper has single-tooth, double-tooth, multi-tooth (hopper). Single teeth are the most common. Because of the concentrated focus, they are powerful, durable and efficient, especially suitable for weathering fossils.

Don't underestimate me

The double tooth strength is second to the single tooth, but his range of work is larger, suitable for gravel, hard soil and other operations.

Multi-tooth, also known as bucket, has a large range and high efficiency, and is often used in soft soil and other operations.

Of course, today's digging machines vary in size, so the choice of ripper should be different. Manufacturers here usually ask for specific parameters in advance. After all, the shoes don't fit, only you know.

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